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Tuesday, 23 July 2024 07:28

GraduateGraduate 2840 Sailed by Ben & Gabe Hill at the 2014 Nationals using Tim's Computer Cut Sails

The Alpha Graduate was developed in the late eighties and early nineties, it was considered the Graduate to have at the time. The boat was both fast and pretty. Over the years many of the later makes of boat copied the alpha shape including the latest rooster Graduates proving its shape and pedigree are here to stay.

Having recently acquired the original Alpha Graduate mould we are intending to start building a boat as soon as we have worked out which bits fit where and with 20 years of patterns to go through it may take some time.

The intention is to take full advantage of the new rules making the aft tank smaller and having continuous side tanks running from the front bulkhead through to the aft tank. We are also hoping to adjust the position of the inboard edge of the side tank so we can fit the jib sheeting straight to the tank sides taking away the need for floating pulleys on masses of string. The other consideration that we are looking at is the deck height so we can bring it into line with the Rooster boats so that the masts are interchangeable.

We plan to make hulls from a bare hull ready to paint or fully fitted out to your requirements.

In the mean while we will carry on the development with the sails and hope we can produce a hull to match soon. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to email or ring me.

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